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Current Press Releases

01.07.20: Klaus Blaum is new Vice President of the Max Planck Society
Klaus Blaum is new Vice President of the Max Planck Society

Since 1 July 2020, our division director Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum is one of three new Vice Presidents of the Max Planck Society (MPS). Together with Asifa Akhtar, Director and Scientific Member at the MPI for Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, and Ulman Lindenberger, Director of the Center for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, he is now part of the Executive Board of the MPS, which advises President Martin Stratmann and prepares important decisions for the MPS.

In 2006, Klaus Blaum habilitated in experimental physics at the University Mainz and taught there from 2004 to 2008. Since 2007, he is director at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and since 2008 honorary professor of the University Heidelberg.
Klaus Blaum received numerous prizes for his scientific work, among them the Helmholtz-Prize 2012, the Flerov-Prize 2013, and the Gothenborg Lise-Meitner-Prize 2016. In January 2019, he was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

As Vice President, Klaus Blaum is responsible for the MPS Institutes of the Chemical Physical Technical Section. Like his predecessor, Ferdi Schüth, he also wants to get involved in technology transfer and Cyber Valley. Furthermore, the topic sustainability is particularly important to him and he wants to contribute to the exchange between the Max Planck Society and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We cordially congratulate Klaus Blaum on his appointment as new MPS Vice President !

Further information in the press releases of the MPS external Link and the MPIK external Link.

27.01.20: Marc Schuh among the "175 inspiring people" of DPG

In 2020, the German Physical Society (German: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, DPG) celebrates its 175th anniversary. On 175 days of the anniversary year, interesting physicists are presented which are inspiring/have inspired other people or even the whole society by their work, their commitment or their ideas.
Our former division member Dr. Marc Schuh has been selected to be one of these "175 inspiring people" of DPG. In 2014, Marc Schuh wrote his master thesis and in 2019 he finished his PhD thesis entitled "Simulations of the image charge effect in high-precision Penning traps and the new IGISOL ion buncher" in our division.
We cordially congratulate Marc on receiving this distinction!

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