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Öffentlicher Abendvortrag

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel:
"Massive schwarze Löcher und Galaxien"
7. Dezember, 19.30 Uhr
Stadthalle Heidelberg

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Morning sessions are devoted to invited plenary talks. Three parallel sessions are planned for each of the afternoons of Mon, Tue and Thu (in total nine, see below). The conference dinner will take place Thursday evening overlooking Heidelberg Castle (Schloss).

Friday afternoon is reserved for highlight reports from parallel session and concluding remarks.

Please click on the schedule to view program details:

Confirmed Invited Plenary Speakers

Rainer Beck Hans Boehringer Zhen Cao Joan Centrella
Poonam Chandra* Luke Drury Andrew Fabian Elena Gallo
Gabriele Ghisellini Michael Kramer Avi Loeb Julie McEnery
Joel Primack Vladimir Ptuskin Thomas Schweizer* Joseph Silk
Alicia Soderberg Henk Spruit Mark Sullivan Rashid Sunyaev
Tadayuki Takahashi Virginia Trimble Vladimir Zirakashvili

(* IUPAP young scientist prize winner)

Topics and chairs of planned parallel sessions ("mini-symposia")

P1: Black holes, accretion and jets - chairs: S. Britzen and B. Czerny (Schedule)

P2: Gravitational waves - chairs: A. Melatos and S. Vitale (Schedule)

P3: Transient phenomena (SNe, GRBs) - chairs: J. Greiner and C. Kouveliotou (Schedule)

P4: Reports from space-based gamma-ray telescopes - chairs: I. Grenier and M. Tavani (Schedule)

P5: Galactic and extragalactic cosmic rays - chairs: A. Bykov and R. Schlickeiser (Schedule)

P6: VHE gamma-ray sources - chairs: B. Dingus and S. Wagner (Schedule)

P7: Astroparticle Physics - chairs: L. Baudis and V.v. Elewyck (Schedule)

P8: Large scale, intergalactic magnetic and radiation fields - chairs: R. Durrer and A. Ferrara (Schedule)

P9: Next generation major instruments - chairs: C. Cesarsky and R. Tuffs (Schedule)