Particle and Astroparticle Theory Seminar

Seminars Winter Term 2010/11:

Date Speaker Title Type

30.08. Michael Schmidt (IPPP Durham) A Leptophilic Model Explaining Neutrino Masses and Dark Matter S
28.09. Morimitsu Tanimoto (Niigata Univ.) Quark and Lepton Mixing in S4 Flavor Model S
14.10. Thomas Schwetz (MPIK) Recent results from Dark Matter direct detection experiments and their interpretation (*)
18.10. Michel Tytgat (ULB Brussels) Indirect constraints on light dark matter candidates S
08.11. Kristian McDonald (MPIK) Kinetic Mixing with a Warped Abelian Hidden Sector S
15.11. Bjoern Garbrecht (RWTH Aachen) Leptogenesis: CTP, CPT and Flavour S
19.11. Alexander Dolgov (Ferrara) Cosmological Antimatter S
22.11. Steve Kom (Cambridge) What can we learn about neutrinoless double beta decay at the LHC? S
29.11. Riccardo Catena (ITP Heidelberg) Dark matter detection: a closer look at the astrophysical uncertainties (**)
06.12. He Zhang (MPIK) Seesaw models at the TeV scale S
13.12. Vadim Rodin (Tuebingen) Nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double beta decay S
17.12. Martin Hirsch (IFIC Valencia) Supersymmetric Seesaw(s) S
10.01. David Cerdeno (UAM Madrid) Very light supersymmetric WIMPs S
17.01. Jan Hamann (Aarhus) How many neutrino species are there? - Cosmological constraints on the radiation content of the Universe S
24.01. Roberto Contino (Roma La Sapienza) How 'weak' is electroweak? - Probing Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking at the LHC S
31.01. Atsushi Watanabe (MPIK/Niigata) Seesaw in the bulk S

S = Seminar, J = Journal Club, L = Lecture, W = Workshop
(*) joint seminar with ITP Univ. Heidelberg: Teilchentee, 16:15, Philosophenweg 16
(**) joint seminar with ITP Univ. Heidelberg @ MPIK