GLoBES tools

The following is a collection of tools and add-ons which solve common problem such as degeneracy finding, simulating new physics, etc. These tools are not part of GLoBES itself, and the responsibility for development, documentation, and support lies with the respective authors.

For comments or questions on the individual tools, please contact the respective authors directly.

If you have a GLoBES add-on that you would like to share with other users through this website, please contact us at

Degeneracy finding

  • Event rate based degeneracy finder
    by Joachim Kopp
    This flexible and customizable function splits the minimization of χ2 into two steps. The first is a rough but fast scan over a user-defined part of the parameter space, during which many features (such as systematic uncertainties) are switched off. In a second step, the local minima identified during the scan are then refined using the full-fledged GLoBES minimizer.

New physics

  • Sterile neutrinos and non-standard interactions
    by Joachim Kopp
    An oscillation engine that includes up to 6 sterile neutrino flavors and non-standard interactions affecting the production, propagation, and detection processes for both active and sterile neutrinos.


by Mattias Blennow and Enrique Fernandez-Martinez

A GLoBES plugin that replaces the deterministic GLoBES minimizer by a Markov Chain Monte Carlo method that is able to handle higher dimensional parameter spaces and has a better chance of finding degenerate solutions. MonteCUBES also extends GLoBES by including support for non-unitary mixing matrices and non-standard interactions. The software comes with a versatile Matlab interface for analyzing simulation results.

MonteCUBES homepage

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