General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator

GLoBES is a sophisticated software package for the simulation of long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments. Main features are:
  • Full incorporation of correlations and degeneracies in the oscillation parameter space.
  • Advanced routines for the treatment of arbitrary systematical errors
  • AEDL, the Abstract Experiment Definition Language provides an easy way to define experimental setups.
  • User-defined priors allow the inclusion of arbitrary external physical information
  • Interface for the simulation of non-standard physics
  • Predefined setups are available for many experiments: Superbeams, Beta Beams, Neutrino factories, Reactors, various detector technologies, ...
  • Extensive documentation and examples are available for download.

The latest stable release of GLoBES, version 3.0 is available for download.

NEW: We now offer also the latest, frequently updated, development releases for download.

NEW: A collection of additional tools for degeneracy finding, new physics simulation, etc. is now available for download.

GLoBES is maintained by Patrick Huber, Joachim Kopp, Manfred Lindner, and Walter Winter (

Last modified: 5 May 2020, 15:42 CET