Source code

Latest stable version: Current development version: The development version reflects the current development status of GLoBES. v3.2.18 adds a data fitting feature.

Note: v3.2.17 differs from 3.2.16 only in its build system, which has been streamlined and should avoid many of the problems seen in the past. In particular, Mac OS support has been improved, see the INSTALL file.

Note: v3.2.16 includes a new implementation of systematics which allows a consistent, self-contained treatment of correlated nuisance parameters between near and far detector on a per-channel basis. A direct predecessor of this version was used for the most recent DUNE CDR. 3.2.16 has been in production use for two years now and it appears that all major issues have been resolved. We are working to release accompanying documentation soon.

Note: In v3.0.8, we have fixed a bug in the χ² calculations. Up to v3.0.7, the true and fitted event rates were interchanged in the computation of the Poissonian χ². This may have some visible effect only in some situations with low event rates, but it does not invalidate existing results. v3.0.9 in addition fixes a minor bug in the way included files in AEDL are handled. v3.0.11 resolves some issues with non IEEE-conforming arithmetic on x86 CPUs.

Note: Since v3.1.10, GLB_POWELL is the default minimization algorithm. In previous versions, you had to explicitly call glbSelectMinimizer() to use that algorithm. The behavior of GLB_POWELL is almost identical to that of the old GLB_NESTED_POWELL (except in some pathological cases with several, almost degenerate local minima), but if you need to switch back to the older, slower GLB_NESTED_POWELL, you can do so by calling glbSelectMinimizer(GLB_NESTED_POWELL).

Note: v3.1.11 represents the first release of globes-tools, which offers degeneracy finding. Currently, there is minimal documentation in form of a manpage for globes-discovery.

Note: In v3.2.16 some of the physics constants for matter effect calculations have been updated to accurately reflect the current CODATA recommended values. For all practical purposes this should not affect most calculations, in cases where discrepancies, at probablity level, with respect to earlier studies are found you can recompile GLoBES with '-D GLB_OLD_CONSTANTS' to use the previous values of these constants.

Software Requirements

GLoBES is currently available for Linux and Mac OS under the GNU Public License. Building the GLoBES binaries requires that the following tools and libraries are installed: These tools are included in many Linux distributions. Otherwise they can easily be downloaded from the provided links.

Note to Mac users: We have had reports of compilation problems of GLoBES 3.0.x on newer versions of Mac OS. If you encounter any such problems, please use the development version of GLoBES, in which they should be fixed.

Terms of Use

GLoBES is released under the GNU General Public License. However, since the software has mainly been developed for academic use, the authors would appreciate being given academic credit for it. Whenever you use GLoBES to produce a scientific publication or talk, please cite the papers indicated above. Many of the data files distributed together with GLoBES should be referenced correctly according to the comments in the respective files.

Previous versions

For compatibility we provide als some previous versions of GLoBES:

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