GLoBES Features and Examples

GLoBES is a modular software system to simulate long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.
  • Experiments are defined with the Abstract Experiment Definition Language (AEDL) . Pre-defined AEDL-files are available for a number of experiments. The parameters can be modified easily by changing the AEDL files.
  • The GLoBES Library contains a variety of functions which allow to simulate various experiments on an event rate basis and to investigate their capabilities.
  • Different analysis tools are provided.

New features in version 3.0:

  • Customizable treatment of systematical errors
  • User-defined priors to incorporate arbitrary external information on the oscillation parameters
  • An interface for the implementation of non-standard physics
  • Beta-beam fluxes are now built-in
  • New and updated AEDL files
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved performance

Abstract Experiment Definition Language (AEDL) features:

  • Structured Channel->Rule->Experiment building block concept (see manual)
  • Multiple energy resolution functions
  • Different energy smearing algorithms
  • Arbitrary efficiencies
  • Definition of energy cuts, bin sizes and numbers etc.
  • Various systematics parameters, such as normalization and energy calibration errors
  • Different systematics modes, such as total rate or spectral analysis
  • Arbitrary matter density profiles
  • Arbitrary fluxes and cross sections; built-in neutrino factory and beta beam fluxes
  • Any number of signal-background-combinations and oscillation channels within one experiment
  • ...

GLoBES library features:

  • Single and multiple experiment simulation (up to 32 experiments simultaneously)
  • Low-level information: event rate vectors, oscillation probabilities etc.
  • Simple Chi^2 for individual experiments and experiment combinations
  • Inclusion systematical errors in Chi^2
  • Chi^2-Cuts through the n-dimensional fit manifold
    Example for cut through manifold in theta13-deltacp-plane (including systematics):

    Chi^2 cut: correlation between theta13 and deltacp

  • Projection of two- and multi-parameter correlations.
    Example for projection of two-parameter correlation:

    Two-parameter projection example

  • Projection of full n-parameter correlation by n-dimensional minimizer.
  • Chi^2-Projections onto theta13- or deltacp-axis, and any other axis.
    Example for projection (onto theta13-axis) of the full n-parameter correlation (thick curve) compared to the projection of the theta13-deltacp-correlation only (thin curve):

    n-dimensional projection example

  • Chi^2-Projections onto theta13-deltacp-plane, and any other plane
    (Equivalent to first figure, but as projection of the fit manifold and not as cut)
  • Projection of the n-dimensional fit-manifold onto any k-dimensional hyperplane (1<=k<n) 
  • Numerical location of degeneracies
  • Projections and cuts of degenerate solutions.
    Example for cut in theta13-deltacp-plane for original (black curve) and degenerate (gray curve) solution:

    Cut with degenerate solution included

  • Simulation of matter density uncertainties
  • Run-time modification of experiment parameters: baseline, target mass, matter density profile etc.
  • New in GLoBES 3.0: Inclusion of arbitrary external input on the oscillation parameters through the concept of user-defined priors
  • New in GLoBES 3.0: User-defined treatment of systematical errors
    Example: Sensitivity of a reactor experiment with near and far detectors

    Sensitivity of two-detector reactor experiments

  • New in GLoBES 3.0: Interface for the implementation of non-standard physics
    Example: Sensitivity of a reactor experiments to wave package decoherence effects

    Sensitivity to wave package decoherence

  • ...

GLoBES software package features

  • User's interface (C library) for Linux
  • Detailed User's and AEDL manual
  • Many examples for immediate compilation
  • AEDL prototype files for conventional beams, superbeams, neutrino factories, beta beams, reactor experiments
  • A standalone program to test and debug AEDL files
  • Utilities

(All figures are taken from the GLoBES User's manual)

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