Gamma08 Conference Photo

Conference Poster

Gamma08 Conference Poster

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag

Prof. Dr. Christian Stegmann:
"Von explodierenden Sternen und schwarzen Löchern - Astronomie mit Gammastrahlung"
20:00 Uhr

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Morning sessions are devoted to invited talks, and contributed talks will be presented in the afternoon. On Wednesday, a special session will take place about "Physics with the next Generation of Ground-based Instruments".

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A PDF version of the program can be found here.

Boat tour on the river Neckar

A boat tour is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, through the beautiful Neckar valley in the direction of Neckarsteinach, with its four medieval castles. The trip will take about 2.5 hours and requires booking along with the registration. Please note that boarding will take place at 17:00 hat one of the piers at the riverside, just across the street from the conference centre (on the town side of the Neckar).

Conference Dinner

There will be an official conference dinner on Thursday evening at 19:30 h which can be booked along with the registration. For those who want to walk together to the restaurant, please meet outside the conference center at 19:00 h. The dinner will take place at:

Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Leyergasse 6
69117 Heidelberg

Größere Kartenansicht

Public Lecture

On monday evening there will be a public evening lecture in German language.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Jonathan Arons Rainer Beck Tony Bell Brenda Dingus
Stefan Funk Yasuo Fukui Andrea Goldwurm Jim Hinton
Karl-Heinz Kampert John Kirk Henric Krawczinski Amir Levinson
Laura Maraschi Karl Menten Peter Meszaros Josep M. Paredes
Guy Pelletier Joel Primack Olaf Reimer Gustavo E. Romero
Joe Silk Patrick Slane Christian Spiering Tadayuki Takahashi
Marco Tavani David Thompson Diego Torres Christopher van Eldik
Jacco Vink Stefan Wagner Trevor Weekes Vladimir Zirakashvili

Scientific Organising Committee

F. Aharonian (MPI-K, Heidelberg and DIAS, Dublin) (chair) J. Arons (UC, Berkeley) J. Buckley (Washington University, St.Louis)
C. Cesarsky (ESO, Garching) K.S. Cheng (Hong Kong) P. Coppi (Yale)
T. Courvoisier (ISDC, Versoix) L. Drury (DIAS, Dublin) A. Fabian (Cambridge)
B. Gaensler (Sydney) N. Gehrels (GSFC, Goddard) J. Grindlay (Harvard-Smithsonian)
G. Hasinger (MPE, Garching) W. Hofmann (MPI-K Heidelberg) W. Hermsen (SRON, Utrecht)
T. Kifune (Tokyo) L. Maraschi (Milan) P. Meszaros (Penn State)
K. Menten (MPIfR, Bonn) J.M. Paredes (Barcelona) J. Paul (Saclay)
G. Pelletier (Grenoble) V. Ptuskin (Moscow) G.E. Romero (La Plata)
M. Sikora (Warsaw) J. Silk (Oxford) G. Sinnis (Los Alamos)
C. Spiering (Zeuthen) R. Sunyaev (MPIA, Garching) T. Takahashi (ISAS/JAXA)
M. Tavani (Rome) M. Teshima (MPI-P, Munich) D. Thompson (GSFC, Goddard)
H. Völk (MPI-K, Heidelberg)