Conference Poster

Gamma2016 Conference Poster

Public evening lecture

Prof. Harald Lesch:
Gammastrahlung aus dem Kosmos - Schlagzeilen vom Rand der Wirklichkeit
12. Juli 2016, 19:30 Uhr
Stadthalle Heidelberg

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Morning sessions will be devoted to invited plenary talks and afternoon parallel sessions to contributed talks. Two parallel sessions are planned for each of the afternoons of Mon, Tue and Thu (in total six, see below). A public outreach lecture will take place on Tuesday evening. Wednesdy will see the traditional boat tour in the late afternoon, while the conference dinner will take place on Thursday evening. The conference will officially close on Friday lunchtime.

There will be ample opportunity for poster presentations during the entire conference.

Program structure:

Parallel sessions will be dedicated to topics on Galactic Sources, Extragalactic Sources, Fundamental Physics and Cosmology as well as on current and future instruments.

Program details can be found here.

Confirmed invited plenary review speakers

A. Beloborodov: Magnetars
V. Beskin: Pulsar magnetospheres and pulsar winds
V. Bosch-Ramon: Gamma-rays from high-mass binaries and protostars
G. Brunetti: Gamma-rays from Clusters of Galaxies
A. Bykov: Gamma-rays from star-forming regions
A. De Angelis: Gamma-rays and Fundamental Physics
E. Derishev: Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts
S. Gabici: Gamma-ray emission from SNRs and surrounding clouds
A. Harding: Gamma-ray Pulsars
W. Hofmann: CTA -- Status
D. Khangulyan: Pulsar Wind Nebulae
S. Kulkarni: Fast Radio Bursts
M. Lemoine: Relativistic Shock Acceleration
P. Lipari: Cosmic Rays: Recent Results and Developments
E. Resconi: High Energy Gamma-Rays and Neutrinos
F. Rieger: Gamma-rays from non-blazar AGN
G. Rowell: Unidentified gamma-ray sources and distribution of gas in the Galaxy
L. Sironi: Particle Acceleration in Astrophysical Plasmas (Simulations)
M. Tavani: Future of space-based Gamma-Ray Astronomy
F. Tavecchio: Gamma-rays from blazars
T. Linden: Galactic Center Activity & Dark Matter Annihilation

Confirmed invited plenary highlight speakers

O. Blanch: Highlights from MAGIC
R. Chaves: Highlights from H.E.S.S.
E. Hays: Highlights of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
J. Holder: Highlights from VERITAS
A. Sandoval: Highlights from HAWC
S. Schael: Highlights from AMS

Invited Rapporteurs

S. Safi-Harb: Galactic Science
A. Taylor: Extragalactic Science