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Nature 554 (201) 47-52    ( doi:10.1038/nature21717 )       and in    arxive 1703.00570

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         comments in Nature 544, p. 38 by P. S. Barbeau

15.2.2017 histograms and data sets for analysis 2016 of GERDA Phase II

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01-Instrumentation_in_cryostat-Heisel.jpg  1: Lowering the germanium detector array into the liquid argon. View from top. © M. Heisel, GERDA collaboration  02-MuonVeto-Freund.jpg  2: The inner walls of the water tank are covered by a reflecting foil improving the light detection. This permits the identification of cosmic muons. © K. Freund, GERDA collaboration 
03-GERDA-3694-Suvorov.jpg  3: Working on the germanium detector array within the glove box which is located in the clean room on top of the liquid argon cryostat. © J. Suvorov, GERDA collaboration  06-View_bottom-up-Wagner.jpg  6: The fiber shroud of the liquid argon veto and the copper head for mounting the germanium strings. View from bottom. © V. Wagner, GERDA collaboration 
04-GERDA-3720-Suvorov.jpg  4: Attaching another string of germanium detectors to the array. © J. Suvorov, GERDA collaboration 05-GERDA-0094-Schwingenheuer.jpg  5: Assembly of a germanium detector string within the glove box. © B. Schwingenheuer, GERDA collaboration 

You are free to use the plots and/or data, however, we ask you to make proper reference to our publications. If you need additional information please contact the editorialboard .

8.7.2016 Presentation of Phase II results at the NEUTRINO2016 by M. Agostini
First results from GERDA Phase II

29.6.2016 Presentation of Phase II results at LNGS by B. Schwingenheuer
First data release GERDA Phase II

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