Particle and Astroparticle Theory Seminar

Day: Monday
Time: 16:15
Place: Gentner laboratory, Seminar room 339, 2nd floor
Contact: Thomas Schwetz (schwetz"at"

Seminars Winter Term 2009/10:

Date Speaker Title Type

07.09. Hisakazu Minakata (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.) Discriminating Two CP Violation by Standard and Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions S
12.10. Tommy Ohlsson (KTH Stockholm) Phenomenology of non-standard neutrino interactions S E?
19.10. Peihong Gu (MPIK) Common Origin of Visible and Dark Universe S
28.10. Dominik Schwarz (Univ. Bielefeld) Puzzles of the microwave sky (*)
02.11. Ryo Takahashi (MPIK) Cascade Hierarchy and Grand Unified Theory S
09.-12.11. LAUNCH
23.11. Matthias Neubert (Mainz Univ.) Effective Field Theory Methods for LHC Physics S
30.11. Michal Malinsky (KTH Stockholm) 35 years of grand unification - where do we stand? S
7.12. Fedor Bezrukov (MPIK) Hunting for the Inflaton--here and now S
14.12. Gia Dvali (CERN) Microscopic gravity (and particles) S
18.12. Andrea Maccio' (MPIA Heidelberg) Cosmological structure formation models confront observations S
18.01. Luca Amendola (Heidelberg Univ.) Dark energy and new cosmology S
25.01. Wilfried Buchmueller (DESY) Quantum Leptogenesis S
01.02. Pasquale Serpico (CERN) Astrophysical sources of antimatter in cosmic rays and implications for indirect DM searches S
15.02. Chung-Lin Shan (Cheng Kung Univ. Taiwan) Determining Dark Matter Properties from Direct Detection Experiments as Model Independently as Possible S

S = Seminar, J = Journal Club, L = Lecture, W = Workshop
(*) combined seminar with Gentner Colloquium, 11:15 in the Central Seminar Room (library biulding)