Particle and Astroparticle Theory Seminar at MPI Heidelberg

Day: Monday
Time: 16.15
Place: Gentner laboratory, Seminar room 339, 2nd floor
Contact: Werner Rodejohann (werner.rodejohann"at"

Summer 2008
S = Seminar, J = Journal Club, L = Lecture, W = Workshop
Date Speaker Title Type
10 March Alexei Yu. SMIRNOV
(ICTP & Moscow, INR)
  Supernova Neutrinos and non-linear Neutrino Effects
Friday, 14 March! D.P. ROY
(TIFR, Mumbai & Valencia U., IFIC)
 SUSY Search at Future Collider and DM Experiments
Thursday, 20 March,
11.15 am!
Ernest MA
(UC, Riverside)
 Utility of a Special Second Scalar Doublet
7 April Carl H. ALBRIGHT
(Northern Illinois & Fermilab)
 Differentiating Neutrino Models on the Basis of theta(13) and Lepton Flavor Violation
Friday, 11 April,
11.15 am!
William A. BARDEEN
 Aspects of Quantum Anomalies
14 April Sergio PALOMARES-RUIZ
(IPPP, Durham)
 Testing Dark Matter with Neutrino Detectors
21 April No Seminar  No Seminar
28 April No Seminar  No Seminar
Tuesday, 6 May,
11.15 am!
(IPT, Lausanne)
 Inflation with the Standard Model Higgs Boson
12 May (Pentecost!)
No Seminar  No Seminar
19 May No Seminar  No Seminar
26 May No Seminar  No Seminar
2 June No Seminar  No Seminar
9 June Ralf LEHNERT
(MPI, München)
 Relativity Theory and the Planck Scale
16 June Walter GRIMUS
 A light Pseudoscalar in a Model with Lepton Family Symmetry O(2)
23 June
11.15 am!
(Paris U., VI-VII)
 History of QCD Partons: old, recent, new
30 June No Seminar  No Seminar
7 July
(joint seminar with Teilchen-Tee)
 On the Stability of Neutrino Dark Energy
Friday, 11 July,
11.15 am!
Michael A. SCHMIDT
 Cancellation of the Dirac Mass Hierarchy and its RG Stability
14 July,
15.45 pm!
 From Leptogenesis to searching for Nambu-Goldstone bosons at the LHC

S = Seminar, J = Journal Club, L = Lecture, W = Workshop