The Standard Model II (MVSpec)


This regular lecture will start from repeating essential features of the Standard Model of Particle Physics with an emphasis on the underlying theoretical concepts and theoretical shortcomings. These theoretical problems (and experimental facts) will lead to advanced topics which motivate extensions beyond the Standard Model. Topics include Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking mechanisms, Higgs physics, Neutrino Masses and Oscillations, Dark Matter and Theories Beyond the Standard Model.
Tutorials offer the possibility to deepen the understanding with exercises, to discuss and to clarify open questions.
This lecture will take place on-site. Implementation of the Corona ordinances at Heidelberg University can be found here.

Credit Points:

You will get 4 ECTS points (credit points) if you have solved regularly at least 50% of the exercises, presented at least one exercise on the blackboard, and have handed in solutions of all exercise sheets. There will be no grades, unless a student needs one.

Necessary/useful knowledge:

Contents of Standard Model of Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory I


Prof. Dr. Manfred Lindner (manfred.lindner"at", www)

PD Dr. Werner Rodejohann (werner.rodejohann"at", www)



Wednesdays, 09.15, Phil12, kHS


Wednesdays, 11.15, Phil12, R105


Modern books and reviews on the topics will be announced during the lecture. Some useful books are:

Aitchison, Hey: Gauge Theories in Particle Physics
Peskin/Schroeder: Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Nachtmann: Elementarteilchenphysik. Phänomene und Konzepte
Halzen, Martin: Quarks and Leptons
Kaku: Quantum Field Theory
Quigg: Unanswered Questions in the Electroweak Theory
Tilman Plehn: Lectures on LHC physics

Fukugita, Yanagida: Physics of Neutrinos
Giunti, Kim: Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Grimus: Neutrino Physics - Theory
Akhmedov: Neutrino Physics