Neutrino Physics: Theory and Experiment (MVSpec)


This lecture will cover the main physics ideas related to neutrinos, the only physics beyond the Standard Model testable in the lab. Both theoretical and experimental aspects will be covered. Topics include neutrinos from accelerators, the atmosphere, the Sun or supernovae, neutrino oscillations in vacuum and matter, mechanisms to generate neutrino mass, neutrinoless double beta decay, etc.
Tutorials offer the possibility to deepen the understanding with exercises, to discuss and to clarify open questions.
If you want to participate in the lecture, please
  send an email to werner.rodejohann"at"
for zoom details. We will collect your names, student-IDs and emails, and send the meeting link shortly before the first lecture.

Credit Points:

You will get 6 ECTS points (credit points) if you have solved regularly at least 50% of the exercises, and have handed in solutions of all exercise sheets. There will be no grades, unless a student needs one.

Necessary/useful knowledge:

Contents of Standard Model of Particle Physics or QFT 1


PD Dr. Teresa Marrodán Undagoitia (teresa.marrodan"at", www)

Dr. Werner Rodejohann (werner.rodejohann"at", www)



Wednesdays, 09.15 -- 10.45, online (write to werner.rodejohann"at" for zoom details)


Wednesdays, 11.15 -- 12.45 (tentative, can be changed), online (write to werner.rodejohann"at" for zoom details)


Modern books and reviews on the topics will be announced during the lecture. Some useful literature is:

Fukugita, Yanagida: Physics of Neutrinos
Giunti, Kim: Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Grimus: Neutrino Physics - Theory
Akhmedov: Neutrino Physics