Current topics in beyond the Standard Model theory (MVSem)


The talks in this seminar will cover current hot topics in beyond the Standard Model theory. There are many evidences that the Standard Model of Particle Physics will have to be extended or replaced by a broader theory, and the subjects of the talks in this seminar will deal with current approaches in these fields. Possible talks are on the theory of neutrino mass and oscillation, the Hierarchy Problem and alternatives to the Higgs mechanism, the strong CP problem and axions, the flavor puzzle, simple extensions of the Standard Model (4th generation, 2 Higgs Doublet Models, effective theories,...), basics of Supersymmetry, Grand Unification, extra dimensions, evidences and candidates for dark matter, cosmic inflation, baryogenesis, etc.

The talks will be distributed on April 19.

Credit Points:

You will get 6 ECTS points (credit points) and a grade if you have given a talk, attended all of the other talks, and have written a 15-20 page summary of your talk.

Necessary/useful knowledge:

Contents of Standard Model of Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory I, Cosmology, Astrophysics, etc.


Dr. Florian Goertz (florian.goertz"at", www)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Lindner (manfred.lindner"at", www)
Dr. Werner Rodejohann (werner.rodejohann"at", www)


Thursdays, 14.15 -- 15.45, R56, Phil12


Modern books and reviews on the topics will be given once the topics are distributed.