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Deeper H.E.S.S. Observations of Vela Junior (RX J0852.0-4622): Morphology Studies and Resolved Spectroscopy

H.E.S.S. Collaboration et al., A&A 612, A7 (2018)

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Paper: A&A:30002-16, astro-ph:1611.01863, ADS:2018A&A...612A...7H, DOI:10.1051/0004-6361/201630002

Bibtex entry: ADS

Auxiliary information also available at: CDS:J/A+A/612/A7

This paper has been published as part of the following Astronomy & Astrophysics special issue: H.E.S.S. phase-I observations of the plane of the Milky Way

Press releases: Vela Junior featuring the H.E.S.S. source of the month 06/2017, H.E.S.S. press release for the A&A special issue

Morphology support material

H.E.S.S. excess skymap in FITS format: FITS file

The excess map has been corrected for the gradient of exposure and smoothed with a Gaussian function of width 0.08 deg to match the analysis point spread function, matching the procedure applied to derive the maps in Fig. 1.

Spectrum support material

H.E.S.S. spectral points and fit parameters (H.E.S.S. data points in Fig. 3 and Tab. A.2 and H.E.S.S. spectral fit parameters in Tab. 4):

The errors in the files represent respectively statistical and systematic uncertainties at 1 sigma confidence level.

In the case of the statistical errors file the covariance matrix of the fit is also included in the format:
  c_11 c_12 c_13
  c_21 c_22 c_23
  c_31 c_32 c_33
where the subindices represent the following parameters of the power-law with exponential cut-off (ECPL) formula in Tab. 2:
  1: flux normalization (Phi_0)
  2: spectral index (Gamma)
  3: inverse of the cutoff energy (lambda = 1/E_cut)
The units for the covariance matrix are the same as for the fit parameters.
Notice that, while the fit parameters section of the file shows E_cut as parameter, the fit was done in lambda = 1/E_cut; hence the covariance matrix shows the values for lambda in TeV^{-1}.

In the case of the systematic errors file the integral fluxes for several energy ranges are also included.

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