Construction of the H.E.S.S. telescopes
1st telescope, now with all mirrors complete (February 2002) Mirror plane of 1st telescope (February 2002) 1st telescope at sunset (February 2002) 1st telescope at night (February 2002)
1st telescope and structure of 2nd telescope (February 2002) Site overview; 1st telescope in the background left, 2nd telescope structure in the background right, assembly of 3rd telescope in foreground (February 2002) 2nd telescope and moon (February 2002) Back side of dish, showing the mirror supports and the actuators used to align the mirrors (March 2002)
2nd telescope and rainbow (March 2002) Dish of a telescope with its spaceframe, ready for installation (April 2002) Drawing of a mirror unit with its support triangle and the alignment motors Drawing showing the mirror mounting scheme