Cherenkov Telescope Array

An advanced facility for ground-based gamma-ray astronomy


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CTA Meeting in Paris, March 1-2, 2007

Since the “kick-off” meeting in May 2006 in Berlin, CTA has attracted the interest of a wide astrophysics and astroparticle physics community. CTA is expected to have a great potential for the exploration of the very high-energy non-thermal universe, but also significant impact on particle physics and cosmology. During the first CTA meeting, working groups have been installed to stress the physics case of CTA and to combine the expertise available in the field. In parallel numerous discoveries by the existing major ground-based experiments have further demonstrated the physics potential of ground-based gamma-ray astrophysics.

The goal of this meeting is to bring together people, who are interested in the progress of the field and in contributing to CTA, but also to provide a platform for discussions on the physics potential of CTA, and to ultimately prepare the ground for the realization of this advanced facility for ground-based gamma-ray astronomy. The program of the meeting will be therefore centered around the three following topics:

  • CTA in a future multi-wavelength and multi-messenger approach.

  • The physics potential of CTA for the exploration of the non-thermal very-high-energy universe.

  • Reports of the CTA working groups about ideas for an implementation of CTA.

We have invited a number of well recognized physicists working in the field, who will provide a concise picture (see program).

The meeting will be followed by a (closed) work session on Friday ~1.30 pm to 6 pm, to organize preparation of the application for an FP7 design study and to discuss the CTA LOI draft. Participation is on invitation only (please contact the organizers before February 21st). Labs and institutes who plan to contribute to the FP7 application should nominate a person to join this session.

Location, participation:

  • The meeting will take place at APC in Paris (France) from 9.00 am on Thursday, March 1st to ~1 pm on Friday, 2nd . It is open to the general astrophysics and astroparticle physics community. The closed session will take place Friday afternoon.


  • Participants need to register before February 21, via the WWW site of the local organizing committee. Separate registration for the closed session is required via Email (see above).

Local Information:

  • see the WWW site of the local organizing committee.

Transparencies of the talks can be found here



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