Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources

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Final Remark

Dear Participants,
We would like to thank all of you for your attendance to the workshop. Your fruitful contributions made the workshop very interesting, even more than we expected.
We thank as well those of you who provided us with their presentations. Most of the presentations are available in the "program" section of the web-site.

Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources

Dear Colleagues,
Here you can find information about the upcoming workshop entitled "Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources", to be held in Heidelberg (Germany) November 30th through December 3rd.

First Announcement

The workshop "Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources" will take place in Heidelberg (Germany) in April 2010. The workshop will be hosted by the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) and will be organized by Felix Aharonian, Valenti Bosch-Ramon and Dmitry Khangulyan with the help of the Scientific Advisors: Jonathan Arons; Paolo Coppi; and Amir Levinson.
We plan to cover with a number of review talks the different aspects of observations, phenomenology and theory of gamma-ray binary systems. The main objective of the meeting is to organize, together with the review talks, at least 4 guided discussion sessions to discuss the points of view of active experts in the field. The topics of these 4 (chaired) discussions will be the following important topics:
-Particle acceleration mechanisms at work in binary systems
-Electromagnetic cascading vs pure absorption
-MHD modelling of jets and winds
-Pulsar winds vs accreting source jets
We think that this meeting in Heidelberg will provide a comfortable environment for intensive discussions together with flexible timetable and a very modest conference fee.
If you, or members of your research group, colleagues and/or students of yours, are interested in the workshop, please let us know in order to facilitate our planning for the workshop.

Workshop Fee

The fee will amount 50 Euros and is to be paid in cash upon arrival. This fee will cover coffee breaks and some minor spendings.


The workshop will take place in the Max-Plack-Haus: Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 36, 69120 Heidelberg.

Contact Information

For further infmation please send us an email to "at"
dmitry.khangulyan "at"

Updated Dates

Due to the severe problems of air transport related to the volcano eruption in April, the workshop dates have been changed. The workshop on "Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources" will take place in Heidelberg, Germany, from November 30th to December 3rd, 2010.
We are happy to announce that the major part of the speakers have already approved the suggested date, so we will try to keep the workshop program as close to the original version as possible.

Valenti Bosch-Ramon & Dmitry Khangulyan, on behalf of the organizers

Workshop is postponed

Unfortunately, due to the severe problems of air transport related to the volcano ashes, we regret very much to announce that we must postpone the workshop on "Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources". The main reason for this is that the fraction of the topics that could still be covered is not enough to fulfill the minimum goals of the workshop.

In the near future, the new dates will be announced. We do apologize for the inconveniences that postponing the workshop could imply for you. Sadly he volcano has not left us with any other option than this.

Valenti Bosch-Ramon & Dmitry Khangulyan, on behalf of the organizers

[*] We are very grateful to Víctor Zabalza for the conference photo