18th of November - deadline for submitting papers for the Proceedings

Welcome to IAU Symposium 284!

The SED2011, jointly organised by the University of Central Lancashire (Preston) and the Max-Plank Institut für Kernphysik (Heidelberg), will take place between 5-9 of September 2011 at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, United Kingdom. Following on from the workshop "The Spectral energy distribution of Gas-Rich Galaxies: Confronting Models with Data (SED2004)" held in Heidelberg in October 2004, this IAU symposium aims to bring together developers and users of self-consistent physical or semi-empirical models for the emergent panchromatic SEDs of galaxies ranging over the complete accessible range from gamma-rays to radio. The main goal is to highlight techniques that derive physical information amounting to more than the sum of the informations which can be gained from separately analysing the emissions from each individual spectral domain. Thereby, the meeting should provide a forum for the interaction of modellers with both observers assembling multiwavelength datasets on galaxies and theoreticians considering fundamental physical processes in galaxies.

The venue of the conference, Preston, is located within easy reach of the major urban centres of North-West England, Manchester and Liverpool, and of the famous Lake District National Park.