Uni Heidelberg Max-Planck-Institut fü Kernphysik GSI An ultra-cold target for precision studies of heavy-ion atom collisions MPIK
Welcome ...
... to the pages of the Emmy-Noether Junior Research Group of Daniel Fischer, the PRIOC group (PRecision studies on IOn Collisions).

(from left to right) Martin Sell, Aditya Kelkar, Xincheng Wang, Aaron LaForge, Deepankar Misra, Daniel Fischer, Michael Schulz (MST, Rolla, Missouri), Dominik Globig, Renate Hubele, Katharina Schneider, Vitor L. Bastos de Jesus (IFRJ, Rio de Janeiro)
Research Activities

  • Dynamics of ionization and charge-transfer in fast ion-atom collision at the ion storage ring TSR
  • Spektroscopy on highly charged ions and test of strong-field QED
  • Charge transfer and relaxation processes in slow collisions between highly charge ions and atoms at the HD-EBIT
  • Momentum spectroscopy o atomic fragmentation processes with Reaction Microscopes
  • Ultra-cold atomic targets (MOT)


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