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Theoretical Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Electrodynamics

PD Dr. Adriana Pálffy (W2 Fellow)

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  • 1st of April 2011

    Bubble Chamber

    The Bubble Chamber

    A special experimental apparatus in Selim Jochim's office!


  • December 2009


    Burial of Childhood Dreams Party

    The Princess and the Knight...


  • May 2009

    PhD photos

    Ruggi and Matthias after their PhD Exams!

    (beware! Physicists around!)


  • 1st of April 2009

    Parking lots

    Again time for a fool's day!

    1st of April parking sign especially designed for Prof. Blaum


  • Christmas Party 2008

    Christmas 2008

    ''Summer wine'' live!!!

    Starring: Sarah, Octavian, Matthias and Benedikt

    Music by Adriana, Andreas and Zoltan (guitar)


  • April 2008

    Jörg and Isabelle got married!!!

    photomontage picturing entaglement for Jörg's office


  • January 2008

    Dieter's 40th birthday!!!

    Dieter with yellow Porsche

    such a beautiful Porsche...


  • 1st of April 2007

    time for a fool's day!!!

    Group's photo panel on this special occasion

    group's photo panel on this special occasion


  • November 2006

    Zoltán's 30th birthday!!!

    special presentation on his birthday party