Theory Division

Theoretical Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Electrodynamics

PD Dr. Adriana Pálffy (W2 Fellow)

In July 2020, the new Theory Division website will go online! My apologies that while work is in progress, this old website might not be up to date!


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Some photos

Singapore (2016)
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (2016, EMN)
Varenna, Italy (2012)
Varenna, Italy (2012, NRM)
Moscow, Russia (2011)
Moscow, Russia (2011, GPI-RAS)
Geneva, Switzerland (2011)
Geneva, Switzerland (2011, CERN)
Beijing, China (2011)
Beijing, China (2011, QONM)
Snowbird, Utah, USA (2010 and 2011)
Snowbird, Utah, USA (PQE 2010 and 2011)
Lissabon, Portugal (2009)
Lisbon, Portugal (2009, SPARC collaboration meeting)
Chicago, USA (2009)
Chicago, USA (2009, ICPEAC in Kalamazoo)
Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Barcelona, Spain (2009, LPHYS)
Trento, Italy (2009)
Trento, Italy (2009, ECT* Workshop)
Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA (2009)
Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA (2009, visit to LLNL)
Vancouver, BC, Canada (2008)
Vancouver, Canada (2008, visit to TRIUMF)
The Geiranger Fjord (2008)
The Geiranger Fjord, Norway (2008, LPHYS)
Trondheim, Norway (2008)
Trondheim, Norway, at 2 a.m. (2008, LPHYS)
Kiev, Ukraine (2008)
Kiev, Ukraine (2008, NPAE)
Obergurgl, Austria (2008)
Obergurgl, Austria (2008, Advanced Light Sources and Applications)
Mumbai, India (2007)
Gateway of India, Mumbai (2007, MILMI)
Elefanta, India (2007)
Elefanta Island, India (2007, MILMI)
Freiburg, Germany (2007)
Freiburg, Germany (2007, ICPEAC XXV)
Volga, Russia (2007)
On the Volga, Russia (2007, FNP)
Soyuz, Russia (2007)
The Soyuz city of Samara, Russia (2007, FNP)
Giants Causeway (2006)
The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (2006, HCI)
Buenos Aires (2005)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (2005, ICPEAC XXIV)
Pampa (2005)
The pampa near Rosario, Argentina (2005, ICPEAC XXIV)