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Advanced Quantum Theory (summer term 2014)


Dirac equation
Friday 11:15 to 13:00, Philos.-weg 12 / kHS
Exercise courses:
Tuesday 14:15 to 16:00 (every two weeks), INF 227 / SR 1.404
Tuesday 16:15 to 18:00 (every two weeks), INF 227 / SR 2.403
Wednesday 16:15 to 18:00 (every two weeks), INF 227 / SR 2.404
The tutorial on Wednesday will be opend only if more than 40 students (in total) attend the tutorial groups, first tutorial will be on 06.05.2014. Students can register online for the tutorials.



  • relativistic quatum wave equations, Klein-Gordon equation, Dirac equation
  • free particles, Dirac sea
  • relativistic covariance
  • nonrealtivistic limit
  • interaction with external fiels, the Coulomb problem, light-matter interactions
  • ab initio solutions
  • quantum electrodynamics

Recommended readings

The following books cover relativistic quantum mechanics and are recommended as reference books complementary to this lecture.
  • Walter Greiner. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Wave Equations. Springer, Berlin, 2000
  • Armin Wachter. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. Springer, Berlin, 2011
  • Franz Schwabl. Advanced Quantum Mechanics. Springer, Berlin, 2008
  • Franz Gross. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory. Wiley VCH, Weinheim, 2004
  • Paul Strange. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: With Applications in Condensed Matter and Atomic Physics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998
  • Bernd Thaller. Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics. Springer, Berlin, 2005
  • Albert Messiah. Quantum Mechanics. Dover, Mineola, 2014
  • Eckhard Rebhan. Theoretische Physik: Relativistische Quantenmechanik, Quantenfeldtheorie und Elementarteilchentheorie. Spektrum, Berlin, 2010
  • Franz Mandl and Graham Shaw. Quantum Field Theory. Wiley, 2010
  • V. B. Berestetskii, L. P. Pitaevskii, and E. M. Lifshitz. Quantum Electrodynamics. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1982


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