The Future of Neutrino Physics

A German Perspective on Topics, Opportunities and Challenges

23-24 February 2017, MPIK Heidelberg


This workshop is a joint initiative of the German committees for astroparticle physics (KAT), particle physics (KET) and hadron- and nuclear physics (KHuK).

The purpose of the meeting is a broad presentation and discussion of the German community of topics, opportunities and challenges in neutrino physics amining at a coherent mid and long term strategy in Germany. The presentations will cover various directions of neutrino physics aiming at comparing different physics cases, experimental techniques, interconnections and links to other topics going beyond neutrino physics.

The workshop will start on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 12:30 and it will end on Friday, February 24 at 16:00.

There will be no fee. Coffee breaks and lunch on February 24 will be provided. All participants are invited to join on their own expense a group dinner in the evening of February 23 (please specify participation upon registration).

Workshop topics include:

  • theoretical motivations for new experiments
  • solar neutrinos
  • atmospheric neutrinos
  • reactor neutrinos
  • accelerator neutrinos
  • geoneutrinos
  • neutrinos in cosmology
  • neutrino astrophysics
  • direct mass measurements
  • neutrinoless double beta decays
  • sterile neutrino searches
  • searches beyond the SM
  • future experiments
  • supernova neutrinos

Session Layout: