Wintersemester 2018/2019

Ort: Zentraler Seminarraum

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Talk
04.09.2018 14:00 Dr. R. Crocker Australian National University, Australia Evidence Against a Dark Matter Explanation of the Galactic Centre Excess
18.09.2018 14:00 Dr. S. Nakashima RIKEN, Japan Hot gas outflows in the Milky Way Galaxy
21.09.2018 11:00 Ms. S. Celli GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy Acceleration, propagation and radiation of particles in supernova remnants with clumpy structures
27.11.2018 14:00 Dr. O. Porth Univ. Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany Pulsar wind nebulae, our relativistic plasma labs in the galaxy
15.01.2019 14:00 Prof. W. Collmar MPIE, Garching, Germany
29.01.2019 14:00 Prof. M. Beuther MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
16.02.2019 14:00
12.03.2019 14:00 Dr. J. Henshaw MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
26.03.2019 14:00 Dr. Lars Mohrmann FAU Erlangen, Germany
09.04.2019 14:00
30.04.2019 14:00 Dr. Adriano Ingallinera Univ. Palermo, Italy
14.05.2019 14:00 Dr. Elena Amato INAF-Arcetri, Italy