Cosmic-ray driven turbulence

Cosmic rays are accelerated at the blast waves sent out into space when a star ends its life in a supernova explosion. But for this process to be effective, the particles must be kept close to the wave for many years. Magnetic fields can do this, but only if they are very strong. Currently, it is thought that strong fields are generated by the cosmic rays themselves, in a kind of bootstrap process. To find out whether or not this can work, we study the plasma instabilities that occur when cosmic rays are accelerated, and make computer simulations of the magnetic turbulence that they drive (see the picture on the title page). Extensive ”particle-in-cell” simulations are needed to determine at what level the turbulence will saturate, which sets the upper limit on the energy to which cosmic rays can be accelerated.

Results of a particle-in-cell simulation showing channels of low density and high magnetic field evacuated by streaming cosmic rays. The colour shading represents (a) the magnetic field strength, and (b) the plasma density.


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