Seminar Dynamics and Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Usually on Mondays at 09:30 in the Seminar Room, Bothe Lab


Mon16.10.2017PD Dr. José R. Crespo López-Urrutia, MPIKCalibration of oxygen atomic absorption bands for astrophysics: High-precision results from synchrotron studies
Mon23.10.2017Dr. Anne Harth, MPIKAttosecond pulse trains
Mon06.11.2017Gergana Borisova, MPIKA glimpse into the ionization dynamics of atoms and molecules
Mon13.11.2017Hannes Lindenblatt, MPIKResonant Multi-Photon Ionization at FLASH2
Mon20.11.2017Dr. Xufei Sun, MPIKElectronic Correlation in Double Ionization of Xe and Electron-ion Correlated Dynamics in Multiphoton Dissociation of CO
Mon27.11.2017Veit Stooß, MPIKReconstructing real-time quantum dynamics in strong and short laser fields
Mon04.12.2017Frans Schotsch, MPIKTrapREMI - Assembly and first tests of the Zajfman-trap
Mon11.12.2017Arso Ivanovic, MPIKProbing the autoionizing states of argon with transient absorption spectroscopy
Mon08.01.2018Dr. Enliang Wang, MPIKMolecular frame Young-type interference effect in (e, 2e) of H2
Mon15.01.2018Florian Trost, MPIKCommissioning of a Reaction Microscope as a Permanent Endstation at FLASH2: new XUV split- and delay-optics and first results
Mon22.01.2018Carina da Costa Castanheira, MPIKTowards multidimensional spectroscopy experiments in the XUV
Mon29.01.2018Julian Stark, MPIKtba
Mon05.02.2018Steffen Kühn, MPIKtba



Tag der offenen Tür am 16.09.2018

von 10 bis 17 Uhr


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