Precision Mechanics Shops

Both the central precision mechanics shop and the apprentices’ shop are equipped with modern CNC-controlled and conventional milling and turning machines. Further, a number of welding and soldering techniques is applied to produce vacuum components. Among the treated materials are various steels, copper, titanium, tantalum, molybdenum as well as ceramics and plastics. The workpieces are checked with a 3D measuring device. Several specialized mechanics shops are in charge of some large-scale experiments.

Head of shop:  Thorsten Spranz, phone: +49 6221 516-223
Head of apprentices' shop:  Stephan Flicker, phone: +49 6221 516-426

Central precision mechanics shop

Apprentices' shop

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Engineering Design Office

Most of the components for scientific instruments that are built in the mechanics shops are developed in the engineering design office based on a 3D-CAD system. It delivers three-dimensional views that are fully turnable on the screen, technical drawings for the manufacturing process, data to directly control the CNC machines and lists of the required materials. The software package includes a numerical simulation tool to test the components beforehand.

Head:  Frank Müller, phone: +49 6221 516-264

Electronics Shops

Electronics to control experiments and for data acquisition are developed and produced in the central electronics shop and the apprentices’ shop – in many cases the experimental requirements cannot be fulfilled by commercial devices. A new electronic circuit design is transferred to the layout of a respective board, which is then produced and tested before its integration into an experiment. Maintenance and repair of electronic devices is also performed. Some of the electronic technicians are permanently engaged in certain experiments.

Head of shop:  Dr. Christian Bauer, phone: +49 6221 516-663
Head of apprentices' shop:  Jochen Stephan, phone: +49 6221 516-215

Central electronics shop

Apprentices' shop

Building Services

The team is responsible for maintenance and repair of all installations in the buildings, supervises the care of the premises and coordinates the work of outside companies.

Head / deputy:  Horst Backfisch / Christian Krczal, phone: +49 6221 516-500 or -280

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