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Team Quantumplasma

Our research focuses on the investigation of the interplay between strong-field QED processes and the collective plasma dynamics in extremely intense laser-matter interaction. This includes: classical and quantum radiation reaction effects, modeling of strong-field QED processes beyond the locally-constant-field approximation, the generation of intense collimated gamma-ray flashes and of dense high-energy spin-polarized particle beams, QED cascades with the transformation of electromagnetic energy into matter, laboratory astrophysics in extreme conditions and the development of efficient quantum-plasma codes.


  • Matteo Tamburini (Team leader)
  • Samuele Montefiori (Ph.D. student)
  • Michael Quin (Ph.D. student)

Completed thesis and former team members

Apr. 2021Congratulations to Bastian Brunner for successfully defending his Bachelor thesis on "Electron Dynamics Controlled via Radiation Reaction".
Feb. 2021Congratulations to Maitreyi Sangal for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis on "The interaction of Light with Matter and Light with Light".
Nov. 2020Congratulations to Archana Sampath for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis on "Strong-field QED and collisional effects in electron beam-plasma interaction".
Oct. 2020Congratulations to Michael Quin for successfully defending his Master thesis (fast track) on "Coherence Effects and Spin Polarisation of Electrons in Electromagnetic Fields".