We work at the inner tracker (IT) a silicon stripe detector. Therefor we werre involved in the development of the Beetle chip, which is responsible for the readout of data. The Beetle has 128 readout channels with low noise preamplifier. It has an analog memory which can store 160 events and can work with a data rate up to 40 MHz. The time to read out one event is only 900 ns. At all there 453000 channels equipped with the Beetle, that is 75% of all initial data of the LHCb. Another importent quality of the beetle is its 10000 times higher radiation resistance when compared with usual chips.

We are involved in the alignment of the IT and its start up. Our group does some programming for the Beetle using the software PVSS. Furthermore we have a computer farm contributing to the LHCb Monte Carlo production and the Higher-Level trigger.For some analysis we are using multivariate analysis techniques (sometimes also called data mining). Helge is co-author of the multivariate package TMVA for the root analysis software. Nikolai is an expert in data mining with whom we explore new ways to use these analysis techniques.

Since LHC is going to start soon, we are probing what we will be able to do with the very first data. From this relatively simple physics we will then move to more sophisticated ones (CP-violation) when getting more and higher quality data.

Our contribution:

Of course, there are further possibilities of development. Curious ?