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summer term 18

Introductory level

Experimental Methods in Atomic & Molecular Physics (Oberthaler)

Condensed Matter Theory 2 (Haverkort)

Physics and Network Sciences (Weidemüller)

Aufbau der Materie und Spektren (Volp, Motzkus)

Spektroskopie an Oberflächen (Tegeder)

Ring Lecture AMO Physics in Heidelberg (Weidemüller and AMO lecturers)


Advanced level

Medical Physics II (Kuder, Bachert)

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics (Klingeler, Enss)

Advanced Quantum Field Theory (Berges)

Solid State Magnetism and Electronic Correlations (Klingeler)

The physics of charged particle therapy (Bangert, Seco)


Running a Quantum Computer (Preiß, Jendrzejewski)

Key Experiments in Atomic and Laser Physics (Quint)

Quantenmechanische Verschränkung zum Anfassen (Pfeifer, Jochim)

Quantum Dynamics and Electronic Structure of molecular Systems (Cederbaum)

Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine (Seco, Bachert)

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics (Klingeler)

Journal Club (Grp. Jochim)

Journal Club (Grp. Pfeifer)

Journal Club Modern developments in atomic physics (Oberthaler)

Atomphysik-Seminar (Quint)

Complex Quantum Matter (Jendrzejewski)

Experimental Methods in Atom Optics (Oberthaler)

Few-body Quantum-Dynamics and Control (Moshammer)

Quantum Dynamics of Atomic and Molecular Systems (Weidemüller)

Quantum optics theory (Gasenzer)

Synthetic Quantum Systems (Oberthaler)

Ultracold Fermi Systems (Jochim)