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winter term 17/18

Introductory level

Experimentalphysik III (Oberthaler)

Experimentalphysik V (Klingeler)

Theoretical quantum optics (Evers)

Experimental Optics and Photonics (Weidemüller)

Einführung in die Laserspektroskopie (Motzkus, Buckup)

Einführung in die Physikalische Chemie III (Buckup, Motzkus)

Experimentelle Biophysik (Schlichting et al.)


Advanced level

Stored Charged Particles (Blaum)

Advanced Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (Jochim)

Quantum Field Theory I (Berges)

Computational Quantum Dynamics (Haverkort, Bauke)

Medical Physics 1 (Seco)

Quantum Electrodynamics: Modern experiments and theoretical foundations (Quint)

Condensed Matter Theory (Haverkort)

Quantenchemie II (Cederbaum)


Atomic and Molecular Physics with Lasers: Pushing the Precision and Power of Quantum Dynamics (Pfeifer)

Physics of Networks (Weidemüller)

Electronic Correlations and Magnetism (Klingeler)

Seminar on Condensed Matter Physics (Klingeler)

Oberseminar Physik komplexer Systeme (Haverkort, Salmhofer, et al)

Advanced Experimental Methods in Solid State Physics (Klingeler, Enss)

Quantum Simulation (Oberthaler)

Journal Club (Grp. Jochim)

Journal Club Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Koo, Klingeler)

Journal Club (Grp. Pfeifer)

Journal Club Modern developments in atomic physics (Oberthaler)

Journal Club on Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory (Berges)

Atomphysik-Seminar (Quint)

Complex Quantum Matter (Jendrzejewski)

Experimental Methods in Atom Optics (Oberthaler)

Few-body Quantum-Dynamics and Control (Moshammer)

Quantum Dynamics of Atomic and Molecular Systems (Weidemüller)

Quantum optics theory (Gasenzer)

Far-from equilibrium quantum dynamics (Gasenzer)

Synthetic Quantum Systems (Oberthaler)

Ultracold Fermi Systems (Jochim)

Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine (Seco, Bachert)

Oberseminar: Quantum Field Dynamics (Berges)

Quantum Dynamics and Electronic Structure of molecular Systems (Cederbaum)