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Conditions for the reimbursement of travel expenses by the IMPRS-QD

  • The travel must be research-related and supported by the IMPRS-QD student's supervisor.

  • The IMPRS-QD student's participation in the research-related conference/workshop has to be active in the form of at least a poster presentation or a contributed talk. An invited talk will be considered favourably and mostly required for a more expensive conference.

  • Usually, if the funding situation allows for this, the IMPRS-QD reimburses the travel expenses of one research-related conference trip during an IMPRS-QD student's curriculum. Depending on the amount of the expenses, distance of destination and research relevance, it is occasionally possible to reimburse the expenses of a second research-related conference trip.

  • In addition, the IMPRS-QD can reimburse travel expenses for research-related participation in summer or winter schools.

  • Each official travel authorization request will be checked individually, taking account of the IMPRS-QD student’s research performance, the requested expenses and already undertaken travels.

    Provided that the conditions are met, the following steps must be taken to receive reimbursement of travel expenses:

    1. Contact the IMPRS-QD Secretary by email well before your trip and ask for a Travel Authorization Request Form and a Travel Expense Report form. She will email you the two forms and provide you with further relevant information.

    2. The IMPRS-QD student's supervisor shall email a justification for the travel to the IMPRS-QD Secretary.

    3. Complete the Travel Authorization Request Form and submit it in due time to the IMPRS-QD Secretary. The IMPRS-QD Secretary will inform you by email immediately after the travel has been approved.

      It is advisable to check the Travel Expense Report form prior to the start of your journey in order to know what documents and information you need to collect.

    4. After your research-related travel, complete the Travel Expense Report form and send it by post in due time along with the required documents directly to the MPIK travel department (Reisekostenstelle) to the following address:

      Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik (MPIK)
      Saupfercheckweg 1
      69117 Heidelberg