Auxiliary information

Discovery of very high energy gamma rays associated with an X-ray binary

H.E.S.S. collaboration, F. Aharonian et al., Science 309 (2005) 746-749

H.E.S.S. data points* for Figure 2

Mean energy    Flux       LowerLimit  UpperLimit
  [TeV]     [/TeV cm^2 s]

0.256        1.835e-11    6.71e-12    3.084e-11
0.4037       1.188e-11    9.384e-12   1.438e-11
0.7293       1.2e-12      6.436e-13   1.755e-12
1.317        6.905e-13    4.807e-13   9.003e-13
2.415        2.667e-13    1.785e-13   3.548e-13
4.441        2.843e-14    6.536e-15   5.794e-14
7.996        < 9.144e-15 (1 sigma)
14.36        < 4.236e-15 (1 sigma)
26.96        < 1.963e-16 (1 sigma)

Remarks: Statistical errors only. Systematic error on energy scale estimated to 20%. See paper for details

H.E.S.S. sky plot of Figure 1

FITS file

Remarks: The plot is smoothed with instrument's point spread function. See paper for details