Auxiliary Information for results on HESS J1640-465

Spectrum Points (corresponding to Fig. 2)

E(TeV)    dE+ (TeV) dE- (TeV) Flux      dFlux+	  dFlux- (ph cm^-2 s^-1 TeV^-1)

2.903e-01 2.592e-02 2.930e-02 3.956e-11 1.790e-11 1.678e-11
3.510e-01 3.207e-02 3.482e-02 2.997e-11 5.278e-12 5.104e-12
4.237e-01 4.044e-02 4.060e-02 2.430e-11 2.785e-12 2.709e-12
5.104e-01 5.191e-02 4.627e-02 1.335e-11 1.485e-12 1.444e-12
6.206e-01 6.071e-02 5.824e-02 9.179e-12 9.511e-13 9.240e-13
7.497e-01 7.566e-02 6.845e-02 7.078e-12 6.318e-13 6.133e-13
9.081e-01 9.188e-02 8.272e-02 4.240e-12 3.933e-13 3.813e-13
1.102e+00 1.091e-01 1.024e-01 2.684e-12 2.587e-13 2.502e-13
1.334e+00 1.336e-01 1.227e-01 1.955e-12 1.773e-13 1.713e-13
1.616e+00 1.626e-01 1.478e-01 1.098e-12 1.167e-13 1.125e-13
1.955e+00 1.995e-01 1.766e-01 6.519e-13 7.841e-14 7.533e-14
2.368e+00 2.418e-01 2.139e-01 3.197e-13 5.055e-14 4.823e-14
2.868e+00 2.941e-01 2.580e-01 2.864e-13 3.785e-14 3.607e-14
3.473e+00 3.578e-01 3.111e-01 1.677e-13 2.612e-14 2.474e-14
4.205e+00 4.361e-01 3.743e-01 9.348e-14 1.809e-14 1.699e-14
5.092e+00 5.313e-01 4.505e-01 4.709e-14 1.167e-14 1.077e-14
6.169e+00 6.438e-01 5.457e-01 2.781e-14 8.042e-15 7.319e-15
7.471e+00 7.831e-01 6.581e-01 2.180e-14 6.145e-15 5.569e-15
9.774e+00 2.341e+00 1.520e+00 5.728e-15 2.304e-15 2.098e-15
1.591e+01 7.495e+01 3.791e+00 2.301e-15 0 0 (upper limit)

Correlated Excess Map (corresponding to Fig. 1)

Excess map for HESS J1640-465 (FITS format)