Auxiliary Information for results on the core of Centaurus A

The gamma-ray spectrum of the core of Centaurus A as observed with H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT
H.E.S.S. Collaboration and Fermi-LAT Collaboration, to be published in Astron. Astrophys.
Paper on ArXiv

Data points for Figure 3: SED of Cen A core

    	    SED points derived from the H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT data
Frequency (GHz)         nuFnu (erg/s/cm^2)      1-sigma error on nuFnu (erg/s/cm^2)
3.22e22			3.5863e-11		8.6867e-13
5.70e22			2.7028e-11		6.877e-13
1.01e23			1.7362e-11		5.5987e-13
1.79e23			1.0478e-11		4.5481e-13
3.17e23			7.541e-12		4.2118e-13
5.62e23			4.6483e-12		3.9434e-13
9.95e23			3.9974e-12		4.4868e-13
1.76e24			3.2905e-12		4.9514e-13
3.12e24			3.1527e-12		6.5024e-13
5.53e24			2.4494e-12		7.4173e-13
2.18e25			1.6405e-12		5.2581e-13
7.73e25 	    	3.04e-13	        1.22e-13
1.13e26  		3.11e-13       		8.70e-14
1.65e26 	   	3.55e-13       		6.7e-14
2.40e26 	   	2.77e-13      		6.3e-14
3.51e26 	   	1.82e-13       		5.4e-14
5.17e26 	   	1.32e-13       		5.9e-14
7.56e26 		1.47e-13                6.3e-14
1.45e27 		9.20e-14                4.0e-14

	 	  Archival data
Frequency (GHz)         nuFnu (erg/s/cm^2)
8.4e9			1.3e-13
22.2e9			3.5e-13
90.0e9	   	        7.7e-12 
1.5e11			1.0e-11
2.35e11			1.4e-11
2.7e11			1.6e-11
3.75e11			3.2e-11
6.67e11			4.2e-11
2.38e13			2.7e-10
2.63e13 		2.8e-10
2.8e13			2.8e-10
3.23e13			3.7e-10
3.61e13			3.1e-10
7.9e13			2.9e-10
1.39e14			2.3e-10
1.8e14			9.4e-11
2.34e14			1.1e-10
1.35e14			2.6e-10
1.87e14			1.2e-10
3.69e14     		3.7e-11
7.73e17			2.85e-10
1.1e18			3.1e-10
1.92e18			3.17e-10
2.34e18			3.98e-10
1.49e18			4.55e-10
2.34e18			4.77e-10
4.39e18			5.38e-10
6.18e18			6.07e-10
1.09e19			6.55e-10
2.1e19			6.25e-10
2.767e19		7.39e-10
4.58e19			7.85e-10
6.51e19			6.07e-10
1.1e19			6.5e-10
4.7e19			7.9e-10
1.3e20			5.5e-10
4.1e20			4.0e-10
1.3e21			2.6e-10