HESS J1912+101 Auxiliary Information

Discovery of very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from the vicinity of PSR J1913+1011 with H.E.S.S
F. Aharonian et al., Astron. Astrophys. 484 (2008) 435-440


E(TeV)   dN/dE          error_up	error_low
0.872     3.82e-12      1.21e-12        1.18e-12
1.76      1.02e-12      1.73e-13        1.69e-13
3.75      8.12e-14      3.32e-14        3.21e-14
8.03      1.85e-14      8.27e-15        7.89e-15

24.6      8.27e-16      (2sigma UL)

FITS images

Figure 1 (top, left) [excess] [significance]