Auxiliary information

Revisiting the Westerlund 2 Field with the H.E.S.S. Telescope Array

A. Abramowski et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration), Astron. Astrophys. 525 (2010) A46

Data points for Figure 4

HESS Spectrum: HESS J1023-575

Mean energy  Flux    Min. Flux Error Max. Flux Error

[TeV] [/TeV cm^2s]

0.7948 5.59013e-12 1.5848e-12 1.58482e-12
1.2253 1.63616e-12 3.20717e-13 3.20712e-13
1.8889 7.77564e-13 1.39972e-13 1.39965e-13
2.9118 2.25425e-13 5.41466e-14 5.41196e-14
4.4889 6.69578e-14 1.99555e-14 1.99468e-14
6.9199 1.91247e-14 9.33163e-15 9.34477e-15
10.6676 4.5572e-15 3.30372e-15 4.04674e-15

HESS Spectrum: HESS J1026-582

Mean energy  Flux    Min. Flux Error Max. Flux Error

[TeV] [/TeV cm^2s]

1.2687 4.97531e-13 2.93908e-13 3.03601e-13
2.2363 2.35513e-13 7.52542e-14 7.5244e-14
3.9421 6.47886e-14 3.0949e-14 3.09387e-14
6.9489 2.64149e-14 9.23773e-15 9.23215e-15
12.2491 8.3014e-15 4.42673e-15 4.43673e-15
23.5095 1.8512e-15 8.80792e-16 8.79009e-16

Remarks: Statistical errors only. Systematic error on energy scale estimated to 20%. See paper for details

FITS images

Figure 1

Significance Map

Figure 2

a) Excess Map (0.7 TeV < E <2.5 TeV) b) Excess Map (E>2.5 TeV)