Auxiliary information

Detection of Very High Energy radiation from HESS J1908+063 confirms the Milagro unidentified source MGRO J1908+06

F.A. Aharonian et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration), Astron. Astrophys. 499 (2009) 723


Data points for Figure 3

Mean energy  Flux     Flux Error
[TeV] [/TeV cm^2 s]

0.38 3.22e-11 1.17e-11
0.60 1.18e-11 2.35e-12
0.94 4.99e-12 7.64e-13
1.50 1.75e-12 3.07e-13
2.36 8.78e-13 1.22e-13
3.73 2.35e-13 5.89e-14
5.90 5.45e-14 2.25e-14
9.33 3.08e-14 9.33e-15
14.75 1.37e-14 4.06e-15

Remarks: Statistical errors only. Systematic error on energy scale estimated to 20%. See paper for details

FITS images

Figure 1 Excess Map (sigma=0.5)

Figure 2 Excess Map (sigma=0.11)