Auxiliary information for "Spectrum and extension of the inverse-Compton emission of the Crab Nebula from a combined Fermi-LAT and H.E.S.S. analysis" (Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2024)

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Figure 2

H.E.S.S. flux points
(Errors contain statistical uncertainties only. Upper limits are at 95% confidence level.)


H.E.S.S. mono flux points:

E [TeV] E^2 dN/dE [TeV cm-2 s-1] E^2 dN/dE Error [TeV cm-2 s-1]
0.237 7.29e-11 1.15e-12
0.316 6.49e-11 9.8e-13
0.422 5.88e-11 9.3e-13
0.562 5.37e-11 9.21e-13
0.75 4.82e-11 9.34e-13
1 4.27e-11 9.46e-13
1.33 3.49e-11 9.2e-13
1.78 2.89e-11 9.16e-13
2.37 2.65e-11 9.89e-13
3.16 2.03e-11 1.02e-12
4.22 1.57e-11 1.09e-12
5.62 1.32e-11 1.21e-12
7.5 1.12e-11 1.45e-12
10 7.24e-12 1.55e-12

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H.E.S.S. stereo flux points:

E [TeV] E^2 dN/dE [TeV cm-2 s-1] E^2 dN/dE Error [TeV cm-2 s-1]
0.604 5.35e-11 1.86e-12
0.698 4.64e-11 1.6e-12
0.806 4.35e-11 1.21e-12
0.931 3.92e-11 1.11e-12
1.07 4.05e-11 1.13e-12
1.24 3.5e-11 1.05e-12
1.43 3.08e-11 1.01e-12
1.65 3.12e-11 1.02e-12
1.91 2.8e-11 9.82e-13
2.21 2.41e-11 9.4e-13
2.55 2.19e-11 9.06e-13
2.94 2.03e-11 9.05e-13
3.4 1.84e-11 8.91e-13
3.92 1.69e-11 9.02e-13
4.53 1.49e-11 9.09e-13
5.23 1.28e-11 8.9e-13
6.04 1.13e-11 8.7e-13
6.98 9.19e-12 8.29e-13
8.06 9.41e-12 8.8e-13
9.31 7.94e-12 8.59e-13
10.7 7.09e-12 8.57e-13
12.4 5.9e-12 8.25e-13
14.3 7.33e-12 1.02e-12
16.5 3.8e-12 7.68e-13
19.1 4.46e-12 8.54e-13
22.1 2.84e-12 7.5e-13
25.5 2.13e-12 6.9e-13
29.4 1.67e-12 6.53e-13
34 1.03e-12 5.95e-13
39.2 3.26e-12 1.06e-12
45.3 2.68e-12 9.83e-13
52.3 1.23e-12 7.1e-13
60.4 1.46e-12 9.32e-13
69.8 1.9e-12 1.13e-12
80.6 < 7.51e-13
93.1 9.98e-13 1.03e-12

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Figure 4

Fermi-LAT flux points
(Errors contain statistical uncertainties only. Upper limits are at 95% confidence level.)


Fermi-LAT flux points: (derived with Gammapy, yellow points in the plot above)

E [GeV] E^2 dN/dE [TeV cm-2 s-1] E^2 dN/dE Error [TeV cm-2 s-1]
1.15 2.3e-11 1.02e-12
1.54 2.65e-11 1.13e-12
2.05 2.8e-11 1.26e-12
2.74 3.44e-11 1.51e-12
3.65 3.57e-11 1.74e-12
4.87 4.04e-11 2.08e-12
6.49 4.38e-11 2.47e-12
8.66 4.71e-11 2.9e-12
11.5 5.06e-11 3.43e-12
15.4 5.66e-11 4.2e-12
20.5 5.92e-11 4.93e-12
27.4 5.47e-11 5.42e-12
36.5 7.08e-11 7.05e-12
48.7 5.54e-11 7.17e-12
64.9 4.37e-11 7.35e-12
86.6 5.74e-11 9.74e-12
115 6.17e-11 1.17e-11
154 7.41e-11 1.48e-11
205 7.86e-11 1.77e-11
274 3.79e-11 1.43e-11
365 7.14e-11 2.26e-11
487 2.91e-11 1.68e-11
649 5.28e-11 2.64e-11
866 5.65e-11 3.26e-11
1.15e+03 8.54e-11 4.93e-11
1.54e+03 4.64e-11 4.64e-11
2.05e+03 < 1.87e-10

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Figure 6



Extension data points: (Errors contain statistical uncertainties only)

E_min [TeV] E_ref [TeV] E_max [TeV] R_68% [arcmin] R_68% Positive Error [arcmin] R_68% Negative Error [arcmin]
0.001 0.00316 0.01 2.13 0.507 0.613
0.01 0.0178 0.0316 2.29 0.298 0.309
0.0316 0.1 0.316 1.82 0.278 0.19
0.316 0.562 1 1.87 0.0823 0.0839
1 1.78 3.16 1.7 0.0542 0.0547
3.16 5.62 10 1.14 0.106 0.112
10 31.6 100 0.822 0.268 0.321

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H.E.S.S. Collaboration Acknowledgement

The support of the Namibian authorities and of the University of Namibia in facilitating the construction and operation of H.E.S.S. is gratefully acknowledged, as is the support by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), the Max Planck Society, the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Helmholtz Association, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS/IN2P3 and CNRS/INSU), the Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), the U.K. Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the Irish Research Council (IRC) and the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, agreement no. 2021/WK/06, the South African Department of Science and Technology and National Research Foundation, the University of Namibia, the National Commission on Research, Science & Technology of Namibia (NCRST), the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the University of Amsterdam and the Science Committee of Armenia grant 21AG-1C085. We appreciate the excellent work of the technical support staff in Berlin, Zeuthen, Heidelberg, Palaiseau, Paris, Saclay, Tübingen and in Namibia in the construction and operation of the equipment. This work benefited from services provided by the H.E.S.S. Virtual Organisation, supported by the national resource providers of the EGI Federation.

Fermi-LAT Collaboration Acknowledgement

The Fermi-LAT Collaboration acknowledges support for LAT development, operation and data analysis from NASA and DOE (United States), CEA/Irfu and IN2P3/CNRS (France), ASI and INFN (Italy), MEXT, KEK, and JAXA (Japan), and the K.A. Wallenberg Foundation, the Swedish Research Council and the National Space Board (Sweden). Science analysis support in the operations phase from INAF (Italy) and CNES (France) is also gratefully acknowledged. This work performed in part under DOE Contract DE-AC02-76SF00515.