H.E.S.S. Organisation


Spokesperson: M. de Naurois

Deputy Spokesperson: C. van Eldik

Technical Coordinator: M. Panter

Boards and committees

Collaboration board (chair: O. Reimer)

Executive board (chair: M. de Naurois)

Publicationboard (chair: M. Böttcher)

Observation committee (chair: S. Wagner)

Working groups and conveners

Galactic working group   Convener: P. Bordas,
Deputies: S. Klepser, D. Parsons
Extragalactic working group   Convener: A. Taylor,
Deputies: M. Cerruti, D. Sanchez
Astroparticle working group   Convener: A. Viana,
Deputy: M. Meyer
Analysis and reconstruction working group   Convener: K. Egberts,
Deputies: M. Holler, Vincent Marandon
Instrument working group   Technical manager: M. Panter,
Run coordinator: I. Jung

Speaker's Bureau

Conference presentations of H.E.S.S. results are organized by the Speaker's Bureau. To contact the Speaker's Bureau please send email to M. de Naurois.

Shift coordination

K. Kosack