The 10th Anniversary:
10 Years of H.E.S.S. Operation

Selected highlights.
For science highlights visit the H.E.S.S. Hall of Fame
2002Inauguration of the first telescope
2004Inauguration of the four-telescope H.E.S.S. I system
See the chronology of the construction of H.E.S.S. I (1994-2004) and images from the construction of the H.E.S.S. I telescopes.
2005 The first images of the Milky Way; for more science highlights see H.E.S.S. Hall of Fame
2006The Descartes Prize of the European Commission for H.E.S.S.
2009 H.E.S.S. among the top 10 observatories worldwide
See also Nature
2010 The Rossi Prize of the American Astronomical Society for H.E.S.S.
2012First light of H.E.S.S. II - the next big step. See also the time-lapse movie of the construction of the H.E.S.S. II telescope
See September 2012 SOM for statistics regarding H.E.S.S. operation and results.

W. Hofmann, August 2012