September 2012:
10th Anniversary of H.E.S.S. Operation!

Photo montage of the Galaxy as seen by H.E.S.S. in very high energy gamma rays - one of the key H.E.S.S. results of the first 10 years of H.E.S.S. operation - superimposed onto an optical image of the Namibian sky. Click for enlarged version.

September 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the first H.E.S.S. telescope!

Please visit See also the H.E.S.S. Source of the Month (SOM) for a discussion of H.E.S.S. results on individual gamma ray sources. The image on the right is a collage of images used in the SOMs.

Ten years after the inauguration of the first telescope, H.E.S.S. will take another major step towards exploring the high-energy Universe:

H.E.S.S. II Inauguration and Open Day: Sept. 27-30, 2012

See also our guestbook for the anniversary and in particular for the inauguration!

W. Hofmann, August/Sept. 2012