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All papers below are, unless otherwise noted, available as 'gzipped' Postscript files.

Extracts from Annual Reports of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik:

23rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Calgary, July 1993:

24th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Rome, August 1995:

A comparison of the possible performance of different types of low-threshold particle arrays (CRT and others) as presented at the Heidelberg Workshop on TeV Gamma Ray Astronomy, October 1994. Published in Space Science Reviews 75, 185-197 (1996)

A description of the CRT detectors and their performance are presented in two papers published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods (section A). Paper 1: NIM A369 (1996) 284-292; paper 2: NIM A369 (1996) 293-305. These papers include several long Encapsulated PostScript figures. If your network line to this place is slow or if you want to have just a quick look into the papers, please get the papers without figures:

Paper copies are available on request from Konrad Bernlöhr
Here are the papers including all figures:

Even more details are in extended versions of the above papers, available as technical reports:

One of the scientific goals under investigation with the CRT detectors at La Palma is the mass composition of the ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. The method is based on the angular distribution of particles in air showers. A description of the method is presented in the following paper (published in Astroparticle Physics Vol. 5, p. 139 (1996)):

25th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Durban, 1997

Results are presented in more detail in a paper published in Astroparticle Physics Vol. 8, p. 253 (1998):

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