Agenda for the TG11 session in Dubna (Room 2, Monday, June 27, 10:15 - 12:45)

Coordinator: Hardy Simgen

Gamma ray detection facilities and procedures (40 min)
Anatoly Smolnikov Description of the low background Germanium gamma spectrometers at Baksan
Mark Heisel A new low-level Germanium gamma spectrometer at MPIK Heidelberg
Mikael Hult Description of the Underground Facility HADES
Mikael Hult Monte Carlo simulations for counting efficiency determinations
Other techniques (40 min)
Hardy Simgen Radon emanation detection technique and Argon purification tests
Grzegorz Zuzel Copper surface purification tests
Valery Kuzminov Alpha activity measurements with the low background pulse ionization chamber
Evgueni Yakushev Status of the radon detector development and construction in JINR
Recent results (40 min)
Sergei Vasiliev Activity measurement on Cu-P pellets for GERDA at Baksan
Mikael Hult Activity measurement on Cu-P pellets for GERDA at HADES
Claudia Tomei LNGS material screening measurements
Hardy Simgen Overview on material screening measurements for GERDA
Discussion (20 min)
TG11 members Mutual program of material screening and the distribution of samples among the groups