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The workshop will be devoted to the comprehensive discussion of recent theoretical and phenomenological developments in the field concerning the interpretation of high energy phenomena related, in one way or another, to the objects containing relativistic winds and jets. In this regard, the discussion of the recent gamma-ray observations, as well as the multi-wavelength properties of galactic and extragalactic jet sources will be covered by several review talks. We also plan to have several review talks on different aspects of the theory of gamma-ray sources, including the magnetohydrodynamics, particle acceleration, transport and radiation in relativistic outflows. But the main objective of the meeting will be presentations of recent original theoretical and phenomenological studies in the forms of invited and contributed talks. We hope to cover the basic theoretical topics of the rapidly developing field with an emphasis on the nonthermal high energy phenomena related to all known galactic and extragalactic source populations with relativistic jets - Microquasars, Pulsar Winds, Active Galactic Nuclei, Gamma Ray Bursts. The workshop will be hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. The workshop will take place in the Joly Lecture Theatre (Hamilton Building) of the Trinity College located at the heart of Dublin. It can accommodate up to 200 people. There is a sufficient area outside for poster sessions. The Proceddings will be published in a special issue of the Internation Journal of Modern Physics D.