This workshop on "Exploring Galactic Cosmic Ray Accelerators with Ultra-High Energy Gamma-Rays" (October 10-13, 2023) aims to discuss recent UHE gamma-ray observations, the multi-wavelength characteristics of these sources, and their theoretical and phenomenological interpretation.

As such, the meeting will give emphasis to the UHE gamma-ray domain as well as particle acceleration aspects, but also include the fundamental multi-wavelength and -messenger connections. It will cover current results as well as upcoming projects.

This will be a 3.5 day meeting plus a half-day excursion followed by a dinner on Thursday..

The workshop is jointly organized by IHEP, INAF, MPIK and YSU, and hosted by the Center of Astroparticle Physics at YSU.

The program will consist of invited (20-30 min) expert talks. We offer some poster possibilities for accompanying students. Participation without a talk is possible unless the number exceeds the room capacity. To register, please contact the conference office by email.

Talks are by invitation only. A modest fee (150 Euro/64.000AMD) to cover coffee breaks, reception and other minor expenses will incur. The fee will be payable at registration.


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