Sven Ahrens


phone: +86 13269983991
interests: photonic topological insulators
relativistic quantum dynamics
programming and simulating
thesis works: Bachelor Thesis

Master Thesis

PhD Thesis
publications: The Kapitza-Dirac effect in the relativistic regime
Sven Ahrens, Heiko Bauke, Christoph H. Keitel, Carsten Müller,
Phys. Rev. A vol. 88, 012115 (2013).
arXiv:1305.5507 [physics.atom-ph]

What is the relativistic spin operator?
Heiko Bauke, Sven Ahrens, Christoph H. Keitel, Rainer Grobe,
arXiv:1303.3862 [quant-ph]

Spin effects in strong-field laser-electron interactions
S. Ahrens, T.-O. Müller, S. Villalba-Chávez, H. Bauke, C. Müller,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series vol. 414, nr. 1, 012012 (2013).

Spin Dynamics in the Kapitza-Dirac Effect
S. Ahrens, H. Bauke, C. H. Keitel, C. Müller,
Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 109, 043601 (2012).
see also: arXiv:1204.0239v2 [quant-ph]